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"Gathering Grace" ~ What if Harry Potter had been a girl?

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If you can imagine Harry Potter as a girl who just turned fifteen and had never been to a 'special' school to discover and learn how to use her talents, you have some idea about Grace. Grace’s Mom recently passed away, and things haven’t been going so well living at Grandma’s house. So when Grace finds out she’s got another Grandmother – her real Grandmother – she wants an explanation! She gets that and more as she discovers the family’s super secret: their super Powers. Things can only get more complicated from there. Just how powerful is Grace?

For more information on how teachers could use this book, visit the author's website http://www.gatheringgracebook.com/

Midwest Book Review - Growing up brings a lot of new things including new responsibilities, new privileges -- and new superpowers? "Gathering Grace" is a fantasy set in modern times as Grace uncovers deeply held family secrets. Unknown relatives, the risks of her new abilities and how to use them responsibly, these are what Grace must deal with. But as all teenagers know, sometimes responsibilities aren't always followed and rules are sometimes broken. A coming of age tale set in the real world with a unique fantasy twist, "Gathering Grace" is very highly recommended to young adult fantasy readers everywhere."