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"Movie Yoga" on YouTube - New CD Now Available

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Watch Author Tav Sparks talk about his new book and CD - "Movie Yog" in four short videos.

Introduction to Movie Yoga 

Couch Potato Therapy: An Excerpt from Movie Yoga

The Healing Temple: An Excerpt from Movie Yoga 

Your Awareness Positioning System™, (APS™): Movie Yoga 

"Movie Yoga will take you on a holographic journey to the center of yourself as it invites you to ponder, "What does my reaction to that movie reveal about me?" Tav's warm, passionate, personal style will move you out of thinking about it and into the experience of what he's saying. Drawing from a vast library of films that Tav has experienced, he demonstrates how every movie he has ever watched, good and bad alike, has transformed him in some way, and then he offers a technique that you can use to do the same ñ to walk out of the theatre, at the end of any movie, a deeper, bigger person than when you walked in. This is a book that would make anyone appreciate the work of Hollywood."

Melody Jackson, Ph.D., Smart Girls Productions