Card-Making Supply Pack


Card-Making Supply Pack


The $16.95 retail price of this Card-Making Supply Pack saves you 8% off the cost of these items, if the items were bought separately.

Buy a SoulCollage® supply pack for yourself or for each participant in your workshop. Each Pack comes in its own packaging and contains:

  1. Card Pack – 12 / 8″ x 5″ quality blank mat board cards
  2. 24-pack of Clear Card Sleeves
  3. Pioneer Glue Stick
  4. SoulCollage® logo pen. (See item: 10-pack SoulCollage® Pens)
  5. FREE SoulCollage® mini-frame. This frame has smaller outside dimensions than the SoulCollage® Card Frame. See Note 2 below.


  1. This product comes in a shrinkwrap package. Because it is an odd-shaped package, the shrinkwrapping is vulnerable to occasional tears during shipping. We will try to package it carefully, but cannot guarantee the condition of the outer shrinkwrapping.
  2. The mini-frame is designed primarily as a protective backing for the other contents, and may arrive bent or warped or have dings on one or more corners, so we do not guarantee the condition of the mini-frame.
  3. Please contact us for replacement only if the actual contents inside the package are damaged.

Additional information

Weight 0.8 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in