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Disc 2-Addiction, Recovery and the Spiritual Path

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Disc 2-Addiction, Recovery and the Spiritual Path


Holotropic Breathwork™ Series: Disc 2
Addiction, Recovery and the Spiritual Path

In Disc 2 of this series Tav shares his own recovery story and the importance of one’s birth experience to one’s addiction and recovery. He describes the opportunities to learn healthy boundaries, heal trauma, and prevent relapse that are available by doing Holotropic Breathwork.™

1 – Enriching your recovery through Holotropic Breathwork™
2 – Tav’s recovery story: How the Holotropic perspective brought it all together
3 – The profound role that birth plays in our addictions and recovery
4 – Holotropic Breathwork:™ An awesome ally in nurturing healthy relationships
5 – Healing trauma and preventing relapse: A Holotropic gift
6 – The wellness model of recovery

produced by Stephen Michael for SROlive.com

Price: $14.95