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Disc 4-Healing Stories from Holotropic Breathwork™

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Disc 4-Healing Stories from Holotropic Breathwork™


Holotropic Breathwork™ Series: Disc 4
Healing Stories from Holotropic Breathwork™
by Tav Sparks
Physical and emotional healing has often occurred with people who have done Holotropic Breathwork™ over time. Tav tells some amazing stories of some doing on-going Holotropic Breathwork™ who have experienced healing from Raynaud’s Disease, asthma, in-uterine trauma, migraine headaches, and depression.

1 – The healing potential of Holotropic Breathwork™
2 – Asthma and the breath
3 – A new dimension in working with migraine headaches
4 – Reynaud’s Disease: how deep breathing can free the body
5 – The gift of nurturing physical contact in recovery from post-traumatic stress
6 – Freeing the valuable power locked inside depression

produced by Stephen Michael for SROlive.com

Price: $14.95