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Discovering the Suits in Your SoulCollage® Deck CD

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Discovering the Suits in Your SoulCollage® Deck CD

Discovering the Suits in your SoulCollage® Deck: Letting Your Cards Play their Roles

Art Therapist and SoulCollage® Trainer, Audrey Chowdhury helps you and your workshop participants or clients find insights and self-understanding within the structure of the SoulCollage® suits. The suits are the colors and forms giving clues for how to assemble the jigsaw puzzle of you.


1. Introduction to the Suits

2. Why Work with the Suits in Your Own Deck?

3. Putting Together the Jigsaw Puzzle of You

4. Giving Your Cards the Attention They Want

5. Asking the Suits for Guidance

6. Shadow and Balance in the Suits

7. Which Suit? Finding the Right Home for a Card

8. Playing with Your Cards

9. How to Tell if a Card is a Transpersonal Card

Price: $14.95