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The SoulCollage® iPhone & iPad App

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The SoulCollage® iPhone & iPad App



The SoulCollage® App is available at the Apple App Store. It is for those who have made 5 or more SoulCollage® cards. The more cards you make the more useful it will become.
Type "SoulCollage" in the App Store search window to buy it and download it.


  • Keep your SoulCollage® cards with you, store and back up your deck on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Make "notes" about any card using keyboard functions like the microphone.
  • Share your cards when you want to in several different ways.
  • Do readings - Draw 4 cards (drawn randomly and automatically from your deck) for a reading anytime. Turn over each card in turn. Make notes and store the reading. View your Past Readings. The 4 cards you drew in a past reading will be shown at the top. You can click on the Reading Header you chose in order to vew your complete notes.
  • Draw 1 card anytime for a quick "reading."
  • Email your data to yourself for backup.
  • CLICK HERE for more complete info on the app and how it works.

​This is a powerful program designed to facilitate your personal practice of SoulCollage®.


I've purchased the app yesterday. At first I thought it was too expensive. Then I realized that due to a small market segment, there were no other way. So I quickly made my way to the App Store and acquired the app. I've uploaded my deck (89 cards) with ease and much faster than I anticipated. At first I couldn't imagine using this app, when I have my deck close at hand. I thought I would missed that tactile experience. Well, that was before I did a test reading. Then I saw that it could come quite handy when pressed for time. Shuffling a 89-card deck takes a while :-) This morning I did an actual 4-card reading. Oh my, I loved it! It was as powerful as any of the readings I have done with my actual deck. I guess Source works through technology too. Not surprising actually since it is all one anyway. ~Ginette D'Silva, Edmonton, Canada



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