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"Movie Yoga - How Every Film Can Change Your Life" by Tav Sparks

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We all have different reactions to movies. Really paying attention to those unique responses is a yoga, or practice. Tav Sparks says we can learn a lot about ourselves just by watching movies with our inner Awareness Positioning System™ turned on. Once we know how to look for it, we can discover our own lives playing out in film, frame by frame. Not only can we do this, we can have fun doing it while enjoying ourselves in the theater, on the couch, and talking it over with our movie buddies. Sparks talks about his passion for movies, describes a template that applies to every film, and inspires us to look at movies in a brand new way.

Here's what Gay Hendricks, Co-Founder of The Spiritual Cinema Circle says about Movie Yoga: "Movie Yoga is an entertaining exploration of the transformation path of movies. It is both deep and fun, two fine qualities in any book. I recommend it highly!"

Watch Tav talk about Movie Yoga at you.tube.com

Read an interview with Tav Sparks appearing in The Inner Door (PDF)

Learn more about Tav at www.movieyoga.com