Ann Hughes

Ann H. Hughes has been deeply involved with personal transformation work since 1980. She has been a student of the Forum, Science of the Mind, astrology, tarot, Jean Houston?s Mystery School, and more. After a brush with death in the early 1980?s, she became particularly interested in near death experience, past lives, life between lives and mediumship. From 1998 through 2008 she was immersed in the Cycle of Transformation, a power path that uses creative process and ritual to explore the Inner Self and the world of Spirit. When she discovered SoulCollage? in 2006, she used it, too, to deepen this work. In time, she discovered how to use card making for personal growth and healing. Professionally, Ann helps people self-publish books, offers sound healing and is a Life Coach. She has been a SoulCollage? Facilitator since 2007.

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