Stanislav Grof

Stanislav Grof is the Illustrator of Lillibit’s Dream, by Melody Sullivan. Stanislav Grof is a renowned psychiatrist, author, professor and pioneering leader in consciousness research and personal development. As a child, Stan was a gifted illustrator who dreamed of becoming a cartoonist and film animator. He discovered his inspiration to draw while growing up in 1930s Prague, Czechoslovakia, where animated movies were a main source of entertainment. He was also fascinated with the animal kingdom – especially butterflies – and mostly drew and painted scenes of personified insects. At the age of ten he wrote and illustrated a story featuring two young beetles on a “hero’s journey” that was published in a children’s journal. Stan went on to devote himself to helping people transform their lives by cultivating a deeper understanding of their innermost visions and emotions. Today, he is delighted to revisit his early love for illustrating and to depict a beautiful metaphor for personal transformation in Lillibit’s Dream. You can find out more about Stan’s life and work at

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