Considering Holotropic Breathwork


Considering Holotropic Breathwork


Essays and Articles on the Therapeutic and Sociological Functions and Effects of the Grof Breathwork


The Ritual of Holotropic Breathwork™: The Healing Potential of Protection, Permission, and Connection for Trauma Recovery Holotropic Breathwork™ as an Adjunct to Substance Abuse Treatment in a Therapeutic Community (with Steve Macy) The Practice of Sitting in Holotropic Breathwork™: What One Learns about Oneself and Relationship while Being with a Breather Jung’s Fourth (Inferior) Function as a Gateway for Non-Ordinary States in Spiritual Emergence and Spiritual Emergency Sponsoring “Unexperienced Experience” Similarities in the Treatment of Spiritual Emergency and Multiplicity Yogic Sleep and Meditation States during Holotropic Breathwork™ SoulCollage®: An Art Process to Use with Breathwork (2008) 170 pp. Softcover; 6×9 inches

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