Considering Holotropic Breathwork


Considering Holotropic Breathwork


Considering Holotropic Breathwork® (2008) 170 pp. Softcover; 6×9 inches

The book contains Kylea Taylor’s essays and articles on the therapeutic and sociological functions and effects of the Holotropic Breathwork®, a non-drug method developed by Stanislav and Christina Grof for people to enter extra-ordinary states of consciousness and receive support for transformative process.

Because any experience available with the administration of psychedelics is also possible with Holotropic Breathwork®, this book is recommended for those doing or studying psychedelic-assisted therapy. It includes chapters on:

  • What a therapist can learn from being a Sitter in a Holotropic Breathwork® group session,
  • What is now the InnerEthics® Awareness Tool “Protection, Permission & Connection,” which helps a therapist or practitioner assess the balance of risk, safety and support in a therapeutic container
  • The research results from Kylea’s facilitation of Holotropic Breathwork® in a residential substance abuse recovery program
  • An analysis of the elegant design of a Holotropic Breathwork® workshop or training module for employing the elements of breath and community to support the inner healing intelligence in the transformative process.
  • A seminal idea about the Jungian Inferior Function as a gateway for spiritual emergency.

Other chapters include:

Sponsoring ‘Unexperienced Experience’, Similarities in the Treatment of Spiritual Emergency and Multiplicity, Yogic Sleep and Meditation States during Holotropic Breathwork®,  and SoulCollage®: An Art Process to Use with Breathwork

Kylea’s introductory course about InnerEthics® is available HERE. The course offers two CEs to licensed professionals.


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