Disc 1-Holotropic Breathwork – Getting Started on Your Inner Journey


Disc 1-Holotropic Breathwork – Getting Started on Your Inner Journey


Holotropic Breathwork™ Series: Disc 1 Getting Started on Your Inner Journey – CD Tav Sparks has worked with thousands on their spiritual and healing paths. He has been training Holotropic Breathwork™ facilitators in the Grof Transpersonal Training for over two decades. In Disc 1 Tav talks about moving into the fast lane of healing and recovery, how to give ourselves a safe structure, how the birth experience affects our lives and describes what happens in a Holotropic Breathwork™ session.


  1. Moving toward wholeness — a fast track
  2. Feeling empowered and safe to go deep
  3. Opening to the deeper dimensions of your psyche
  4. Your own “Heroʼs Journey” can begin in the womb
  5. The amazing influence of your birth experience on your life
  6. Encountering the healing power of archetypes
  7. Whatʼs happening when you do Holotropic breathing
  8. Integrating the Holotropic experience into your life
  9. Learning more about Holotropic Breathwork™


Tav Sparks is a writer, international workshop leader, and Director of Grof Transpersonal Training, a program offering certification in Holotropic Breathwork™. For nearly 25 years he has worked therapeutically with people in non-ordinary states of consciousness. He is the author of Movie Yoga: How Every Film Can Change Your Life. His writing also includes screenplays, the poetry book, Through Thunder, and the training manual Doing Not Doing: A Facilitator’s Guide to Holotropic Breathwork. A pioneer in the field of the wellness perspective in addiction, he is the author of the groundbreaking work, The Wide Open Door, the Twelve Steps, Spiritual Tradition, and the New Psychology. He lives in Mill Valley, California, with his wife, Cary, and son, Bryn. His son, Ason, and his grandsons, Dallin and Kellin, live in Georgia.

Learn more about Tav at holotropic.com

Read an interview with Tav Sparks appearing in The Inner Door (PDF)

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