SoulCollage® Card Pack


SoulCollage® Card Pack


These blank cards enable people to get started easily with building their personal SoulCollage® decks. They are very high quality blank matboard cards, 8″ x 5″ in size, professionally cut from picture framing mat, strong and ready to be collaged. They are approximately 0.05 inches thick (1/20 inch).

There are 12 cards per pack. They are shrinkwrapped, labeled and suitable for resale. The marine blue is our standard color for Card Pack cards, so that if you want to postpone putting a backing on your cards, the backs will still all look alike and enable you to pick cards easily in a SoulCollage® “reading” meanwhile, without knowing beforehand which card you are choosing.

Facilitators who are doing workshops find these packs easy to both provide cards to participants and also to sell as a package to participants who want to continue their work at home.

NOTE: A small percentage of the matboard cards have random stock numbers or other writing on the white side, which generally presents no problem, as most people create the collage on the white side. See also Chapter 10 of SoulCollage® Evolving where Seena explains the value of “Covering the Backs of Cards” in the section by that name near the end of the chapter.

IDEA: Get one of these card packs bundled at a discount with other things you might need, like a frame, archival glue stick, 24 crystal clear plastic sleeves. See our New Card-Making Supply Pack.

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Weight 0.58 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 1 in