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Two Book Awards for SoulCollage® Evolving

Finalist in ForeWord Review's 2010 Book of the Year Awards in the category: Body, Mind & Spirit!

Silver Medal Winner in 2011 Nautilus Book Awards in the category Personal Growth/Self-Help/Psychology

SoulCollage® Evolving gives you everything you need to contact your intuition and create an incredible deck of cards — one with deep personal meaning that will help you answer life’s questions.

This book explains the easy steps for making and consulting the cards.

* How you can easily make and consult your own SoulCollage® cards
* How you can work with the language of symbols, dreams, and archetypes
* How you can let inner wisdom bubble up to answer your deepest questions
* How you can create and nurture community with SoulCollage®
* Get ideas of how to use SoulCollage® in groups of all kinds

Watch Seena's  YouTube video - "An Invitation to SoulCollage®"  



The Ethics of Caring

Foreword by Jack Kornfield.

Many books have been written on ethics, but this is one of the few that addresses the ethical challenges inherent in doing spiritual or transpersonal healing work or work that involves profound experiences. As a textbook or personal resource,The Ethics of Caring clarifies counter-transference and transference issues and other potential conflicts of interest between professional's unconscious motivations and the professional's conscious intention to support the client's well-being. It is ideal as a supplement to conventional ethics texts and useful as a continuing resource to any professional, teacher, or mentor. The book's table of contents and excerpts are provided on the book's product page.


Featured Products

The Committee Suit CD

The Committee Suit is CD #1 in Your SoulCollage® Cards series

The Committee Suit is the psychological suit in the SoulCollage® Deck. Each card has images that depict one of your many inner voices. The developer of SoulCollage®, Seena Frost, identifies some of our common sub-personalities, and describes ways to use SoulCollage® cards to honor and help balance these familiar, and sometimes even annoying, parts of the self.

(2007) CD


  • 1) Introduction
  • 2) Overview of SoulCollage
  • 3) The Companions Suit