Membership Information

A Warm Welcome to SoulCollage® Journey Members

Information for SoulCollage® Journey members:

Members of the Facilitator Journey are entitled to the benefit of a 40% discount on all products ordered at Hanford Mead. Members of the Personal Journey receive a 20% discount. The procedure for obtaining the discount is straightforward: log in to your account at the World of SoulCollage® and navigate to the Facilitator or Personal Journey learning path. There, you will find a discount code which you will use here at to obtain your discount. Please click here for information on how to access your existing account here at Hanford Mead, if you have one. (Note that we cannot provide any discounts on orders placed through other sales channels, such as Amazon).

Once logged in, the prices you will see in the shopping cart will be retail prices, and your discount will be applied at Checkout, where you will enter the discount code. If for some reason the code does not work and your discount does not appear, please DO NOT complete the order. Please contact us at and we will work to straighten things out. It is very expensive for us, with a lot of extra bookkeeping and manual intervention to apply the discount retroactively (in addition to the lost credit card fees on the discount amount), so there is a $25 service charge if we have to do this. Just contact us BEFORE you place the order and we can easily correct any problems. See the Service Charge section below for more info about this.

There is no limit to how much you can order, and you may order materials for other people, and even have orders shipped directly to them. The products you order may be resold to others at retail price, or you can pass along the discount, or give them away; it is entirely up to you. However, the orders must be placed directly by you from your account at Hanford Mead. Please do not give the code to others, as this will result in cancelled orders or chargebacks if the coupon codes are used by people who are not entitled to use them.

Service Charge:

It is expensive for us to correct, change, or cancel an order once it is placed, and we charge a $25 fee for this service, in an attempt to partially recover these costs. This especially includes orders which are placed by Journey members which do not, for one reason or another, reflect the appropriate discount in the order. If the amount of the discount you should have received is greater than $25, please contact us, and we will refund the amount of your discount, less the $25 fee. If the discount amount is $25 or less, no correction will be made. We apologize for the need to apply this fee, but we simply cannot afford to provide retail-level customer service AND provide the substantial wholesale discount to members. We ask that members agree to undertake extra responsibility to be sure that their orders are correct before finalizing them. Please note also that we cannot solve the problem of non-discounted orders by simply cancelling your order and starting over, as this entails the same or greater expense to us as processing the partial refund back to your credit card. Thank you for understanding and for taking the trouble to sort everything out before placing your order.