Shipping outside the USA

We can ship to almost any country in the world. However, shipping prices have become very expensive for international shipments, and we are often seeing very long delays in delivery times, especially with COVID. We ship via postal service airmail, and packages can arrive within a week or two if things go well. However, we have also seen delays as long as two months for arrival, as packages sit in various transit points along the way for long periods of time, so please be prepared to wait at least this amount of time for your package.

Also note that your package may experience delays in Customs in the delivery country, and that you may be required to pay Customs Duty on your package. We will provide a sales receipt showing the contents and value of the merchandise in order to facilitate the customs process, but please be aware that we have no control over the customs process, which is different in every country. Please be alert for any notifications from your Customs department which might require you to contact them and make payment of Customs Duty before the package is released to you.