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“I want to FLY!” Lillibit, the caterpillar, declares. But how will she fly? After all, she is not yet a butterfly, and the other caterpillars don’t believe she can do it.

“Lillibit wiggled and squiggled. She jerked and jiggled. But still nothing happened.” In fact, it will take something greater than her best efforts to fly. It will take her letting go of everything she knows. For only within the mystical brew of metamorphosis will she leave her old life behind and begin a new one.

Certain to appeal to children and adults alike, Lillibit’s Dream takes readers on a heartfelt journey of big dreams, profound changes, and the gifts of acceptance, patience and faith. With easy, engaging language and charming, vibrant illustrations, author Melody Sullivan and illustrator Stanislav Grof deliver a beautiful analogy for life’s transitions and the miracles of personal transformation.

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Customer Review

When I discovered a child’s book at Hanford Mead, I was thrilled. My experience has been that books available through Hanford Mead are hand-selected for both artistry and content — moreso, for their ability to transform a life.

Lillibit’s Dream enchanted my 3-year-old grandson. It wasn’t one of his “known” books, recognizable through TV shows or popular movies. Still, it quickly became a favorite. On the occasions I suggested Lillibit’s Dream, my grandson’s developmental head-shaking evolved into a curiosity, as he cuddled beside me on our rocking chair. As I read, and my grandson asked to go back to a certain page, I could see him making connections between himself and Lillibit, and sure enough he asked questions about possibility.

As a quality hardcover book, Lillibit’s Dream will be passed down as a family treasure, to be read to subsequent generations, not surprising given its authors. It’s the first children’s book (and reading is a priority in our family) that has invisibly woven lessons of self-empowerment into a well-known story with vibrant, attractive artwork. I highly recommend it.

~Sue Gelber

Author & Illustrator

Melody Sullivan is the author of Lillibit’s Dream. She is a writer, animal lover, and personal development enthusiast trained in transformative healing techniques by her friend and mentor, Stanislav Grof, who illustrated Lillibit’s Dream. As a child, Melody was fascinated with animals and insects, including caterpillars and butterflies, and often had vivid dreams of flying. Her inspiration for Lillibit’s Dream came after she dreamed she was a caterpillar bemoaning her small existence, and a butterfly – her future self – showed her the world through its eyes. As Melody connected what the butterfly taught her about metamorphosis with the various phases of profound human changes, Lillibit’s story was born. Today, Melody enjoys her life as a wife, auntie, writer and companion to her two dogs. She remains passionate about personal growth and embraces its every stage, whether she’s crawling, munching, molting, pupating or flying. Her website offers multimedia information about caterpillars, Lillibit, and the creation of Lillibit’s Dream.

Stanislav Grof is the Illustrator of Lillibit’s Dream, by Melody Sullivan. Stanislav Grof is a renowned psychiatrist, author, professor and pioneering leader in consciousness research and personal development. As a child, Stan was a gifted illustrator who dreamed of becoming a cartoonist and film animator. He discovered his inspiration to draw while growing up in 1930s Prague, Czechoslovakia, where animated movies were a main source of entertainment. He was also fascinated with the animal kingdom – especially butterflies – and mostly drew and painted scenes of personified insects. At the age of ten he wrote and illustrated a story featuring two young beetles on a “hero’s journey” that was published in a children’s journal. Stan went on to devote himself to helping people transform their lives by cultivating a deeper understanding of their innermost visions and emotions. Today, he is delighted to revisit his early love for illustrating and to depict a beautiful metaphor for personal transformation in Lillibit’s Dream. You can find out more about Stan’s life and work at

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